Case 3

The case is presented in short segments with questions. Read the case material as it is presented, think through a response to the questions, and link to answers and related resources.

James Foster is a 22 year old man who has had a severe cough for over a week.  Until 6 months ago he lived with his parents in a city housing project, but his parents turned him out of the apartment.  He has been living on the streets and in and out of shelters since then. His family has always lived in poverty; his parents are both unemployed. Mr. Foster has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and anxiety disorder, and mild intellectual disability. A case worker from the local homeless shelter has told him he can’t stay at the shelter until he is seen for evaluation of his cough.  He tells the case worker that he doesn’t have a regular doctor so the case worker takes him to the County Hospital’s Emergency Room.

Question 3.1
Given Mr. Foster’s disabilities, would you expect that he has services and supports? Is it surprising that he is homeless?

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